Knowledge Sync: Confluence to Freshservice (v1.0.0)

How it works

This app utilizes Atlassian Cloud API endpoints to enable synchronizing specific pages to your FreshserviceHelp Center. 

It will not sync anything if it's not been explicitly activated. In order to activate the synchronization for a page a Freshservice API token is required.

The app itself does not store any of your Confluence page content, it only stores page ids to identify pages to be synced.

How to use 5

Step 1: Configure

Click on the "configure" button at the Knowledge Sync: Confluence to Freshservice section of the "Manage Add-Ons" page.

This will open a configuration form to set FreshserviceAPI credentials.

Step 2: Activate page sync

After you configured your Freshservice API credentials you can go to any confluence page and click on the button on the top right of your page to open a page options dialog. This dialog will let you select a destination to sync this Confluence page to. Select one and click "Start synchronization".