Knowledge Sync: Confluence to Salesforce 1.0.0


The Confluence to Salesforce sync add-on requires Salesforce Knowledge Classic to be set up.

If you're using Salesforce Knowledge Lightning, please reach out to us:

1. Create a new Salesforce Knowledge Article Type

From the Salesforce Setup page, enter Knowledge Article Types in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Article Types ( Setup > Build > Customize > Knowledge > Knowledge Article Types )

Create a new article type object

  • Click the New Article Type button

  • Enter ConfluenceArticle as object name and label name

  • Then click save

Learn more about creating article types ( here )

Configure the new article type

On the ConfluenceArticle Article Type Page:

  • Under the Fields section click New

  • Select Text Area (rich)

  • Use ArticleContent as Field Label

  • Set Length to 131072 (the maximum field length)

  • Set Field Name to ArticleContent

  • Set Visible Lines to 50 and click Next

  • Set field visibility settings based on your needs and click Next

  • On the ArticleType Layout step make sure ConfluenceArticle Layout is checked

  • Click Save

Verify Your Configuration

On the ConfluenceArticle Article Type Page:

  • Under the Page Layouts section click Edit on ConfluenceArticle Layout

  • Verify that ArticleContent is part of the layout


2. Connect your Salesforce Knowledge

Open the add-on management page and click "configure" at the Knowledge Sync: Confluence to Salesforce add-on.

This will open the configuration page where you will be able to connect your Salesforce Knowledge instance. Click Connect Salesforce Account


3. Start syncing

In order to start syncing, open any of your Confluence pages and look for the page sync option icon:

This will open the page syncronization options. If you haven't connected your Salesforce Knowledge instance yet you will see an error message here, Step 1 & 2 are required before you can start syncing.

To start the sync, click the Start synchronization button. It will create your article in Salesforce Knowledge.