Page still showing in Zendesk when it is sync is stopped in confluence


When the sync is removed from a page to stop the sync to Zendesk, the page is still visible.
To make it not visible, i need to go to zendesk and unpublish the page itself, which makes it cumbersome.


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Kolibri Digital
November 7, 2018, 4:01 AM

This is actually intended behavior because Confluence users might not be the same users as in Zendesk and if your Zendesk users refer/link to synced articles we want those articles to stay there.

If you do want to delete an article/multiple articles in Zendesk that were synced from Confluence: Each of the synced articles has a label "synced-from-confluence" in Zendesk, by searching for the label you can find all synced articles and pick the ones you'd like to remove

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